BLOX is optimizing FinTech with its blockchain technology, catalyzing disruption that goes beyond banking

April 23, 2022

Banking meets blockchain world with BLOX’s holistic, borderless, and next generation solutions

Today’s financial technology landscape includes many solutions and players all working towards delivering improved and automated financial services. Combine this with the power and the differentiating benefits of blockchain like transparency, security, speed, and affordability and you get the most promising technology mix.

This is a feat that BLOX, a decentralized public chain registered as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) LLC in Wyoming, USA, has achieved. Born out of a desire to democratize cryptocurrency, BLOX created a next generation cryptocurrency with the goal of being the most accessible and easiest to use amongst all digital currencies in the world.

BLX, its native token, is a decentralized peer-to-peer open source cryptocurrency with a total supply of 84,000,000 and which can be instantly mined by anyone with a stable Internet connection and a desktop computer. To date, BLX has over 25,000 crypto holders and almost 800,000 transactions globally since its public launch.

BLOX’s entire ecosystem is composed of core features intended to support both decentralized and centralized systems and industries. With master nodes located around the world including Africa, Asia, North and South America, and Europe, BLOX’s frictionless decentralized governance of its blockchain universe furthers the autonomy of the community, improves security, and provides more opportunities for crypto and blockchain investors globally.

Powered by its blockchain (“the BLOXchain”), BLOX creates an entire digital alternative to banking and corporate institutions without all the associated extra costs, and holds the potential to make way for open and fair financial markets with greater accessibility. BLOX capabilities include banking functionalities such as peer-to-peer instant global transfers, fiat and crypto exchanges, card issuance, point of sale transactions, and extends to decentralized finance projects, NFTs, and even Web 3.0. Core tech features include:

Its Smart Contract implementation uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) mechanism to generate and operate BLX2 assets, a feature that allows users to create sub-assets or sub-tokens at a fraction of a cost compared to ETH and other smart contract services. BLOXWeb, its most recent deployment, is a decentralized blockchain-based Internet core complete with native built-in payments and rewards. Users can browse, create websites, and launch their own projects on BLOXWeb.

Furthermore, BLOX can support large scale global and international affairs such as the creation and implementation of global currencies for central banks with its Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) solution and even blockchain voting for elections or polls of any scale.

BLOX has also opened stakes for its DAO at an initial cost of 0.00001 BTC per stake to become an owner or contributor of the organization. Contributor benefits include voting power, smart contract incentives, real-time dividends, no exit restrictions, and the opportunity of being an early member of an organization with exponential value potential in the coming years. BLOX’s community-led organization shares common goals, from profitable investments to building impactful products that can be used for a vast array of purposes — finance, governance, voting, education, fundraising, investment, art, global currency, and more.

The BLOX ecosystem aims to provide an all-encompassing platform, remove borders, and go beyond next generation digital solutions by driving adoption to create countless paths for advancement to transform banking and blockchain as we know it.

The big picture? BLOX is addressing the growing consumer demand to own and invest in more sustainable cryptocurrencies; rising need for cheaper, quicker, cross-border payment systems; greater compatibility with ecosystems in the financial services industry; and the escalating requirement for comprehensive security mechanisms.

“What we’re doing at BLOX is pushing the boundaries and accelerating the inevitable evolution of the FinTech landscape. We acknowledge the tremendous potential blockchain can bring across industries, particularly the finance industry. What we’ve built not only brings significant changes to business models and operating processes. We’ve built something where financial rewards and benefits can be reaped not only by corporations but also by clients, consumers, and the average Joe,” says the Management Team of The BLOX Organization.

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