The future is now: BLX evolves to BLX 3.0 in bid to become the fastest blockchain in the world.

July 19, 2022

While web3 is heralded as the future, not all solutions in this space are equal. A key differentiator in web3 will be speed: Products - especially blockchains - that enable more efficient business will themselves see quicker adoption.

Such was the thinking behind the latest release of BLX, which upgrades from BLX 2.0 to BLX 3.0 and comes as part of the ongoing infrastructure build out and expansion. This change is not incremental, but exponential: The new version of BLX will transact a full 1,000% faster than its predecessor.

According to BLX co-founder, Jay Anonuevo, the team aims to make BLX 3.0 nearly synonymous with web3 around the world.

“A business is only as good as its blockchain. If your blockchain of choice is slow, expensive, and energy intensive, your users will only use it because they have to. We built BLX 3.0 with the goal of becoming a significantly better alternative: We can empower the speed, cost-efficiency, and eco-friendliness that all enterprises have been desperately waiting for,” said Anonuevo.

Although BLX 3.0 is several magnitudes faster than BLX 2.0 - and other global blockchains - it does not sacrifice security for speed. BLX 3.0 remains safer and simpler to use than ever before. In fact, new Java files will be released as part of BLX 3.0, improving the stability of mining while increasing the hash rate and difficulty.

Anonuevo feels that BLX 3.0 will be especially suited for certain industries integral to web3, especially those that are undergoing transformation. He pointed to the example of gaming in general and play-to-earn (P2E) in particular. The P2E industry is currently in flux, as game developers and guilds are searching for a model that is sustainable and profitable for all stakeholders.

In this kind of quickly changing environment, business leaders must act with agility when iterating their products, which is only possible with an equally fast blockchain.

“The speed of BLX 3.0 will enable rapid product development for P2E, gaming, and other cutting edge industries. By enabling developers and product managers to focus on their core product, rather than the speed, cost, or energy limitations of a blockchain, they get to concentrate on what they do best: innovation,” said Anonuevo.

In addition to its support for businesses, the BLX team plans to make BLX 3.0 the fastest decentralized exchange (DEX) and centralized exchange (CEX) in the world. The goal of such speed is usability: While many current blockchains are prohibitively difficult to use, owing to long confirmation times, BLX’s DEX and CEX will offer near instantaneous transactions. This ease of use will drive retail adoption far quicker than other global blockchains.

To learn more about BLX, enterprises and consumers are encouraged to visit, or proceed to the BLOX whitepaper here


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